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ACC-0001 • Making the most of AccuRIP Software

AccuRIP Black Pearl is a driver-based RIP solution which means your output experience will be much easier than with other RIPs.

AccuRIP Black Pearl provides a FREE 14-day fully-functional use version (trial). With user-friendly installation through an Auto Setup Wizard, a quick setup (written in an easy to understand way), and driver-based user-friendly output, every user will find AccuRIP to be one of the easiest parts of their day.

As artists and screen-printers you are expected to understand operating systems and several deep graphic software programs. AccuRIP is absolutely the simplest of the bunch, yet will perform a great service for you.



Always work with the latest version available on our website and ready for download. This will ensure operating system compatibility with the AccuRIP Installer. 

Serial Numbers activate designated AccuRIP Software versions. An UPGRADE purchase (which includes a new Serial Number) may be required to perform a move (transfer) of a License, or Activation on a computer.


When a 14-day trial has expired, you will be presented with an option to enter a full version serial number to continue using AccuRIP as a fully-licensed user. Purchase the software online for immediate access to your purchased serial number.

An unexpired trial user can go to Licensing Menu>Enter Serial Number to convert the trial to the full licensed version at any time before trial expiration.


Downloads Link



Read the concise and valuable User Guide which is available online at: As simple as AccuRIP Software is to install and use, you will benefit from this quick and easy read. Don't miss out on information about key features such as Auto Nesting / N-UP printing.



You can Network AccuRIP (share the driver with all your users on your LAN). This 24/7 Answer Center includes information on sharing the AccuRIP Driver to other users on your Local Area Network. Simply Search "multiple", "Networking" or ACC-0199.



AccuRIP Serial Numbers (for full version License users) can be used for ONE Installation (with the ability to be transferred to another computer in your company). Activating the Serial Number requires Internet access. From the computer hosting AccuRIP (the computer connected directly to the printer) you can share the AccuRIP driver as noted above. If you have multiple printers you can switch back and forth to the DRIVER you need. AccuRIP Black Pearl (version 5) saves settings so printer switching is made easy. If this is a frequent occurrence we strongly suggest getting a second license (Serial Number). You would then need to use the additional Serial Number on a different host computer. One computer can not host two or more Serial Numbers.



The AccuRIP License is transferable (Internet connection is required) to a different computer in your company. If you have to move your AccuRIP License to another computer, you have control of this process. Go to the ACTIVATION Menu or TRANSFER Menu (depending on the AccuRIP version you have installed) of AccuRIP and choose Transfer Activation. After the message indicating the transfer was successful, you can install AccuRIP and use the same Serial Number again. You need to wait 20 minutes after transferring it off the computer. Our Server needs the time to complete the task. Too many transfers will appear as suspicious activity and may require the assistance of tech support. Don't be caught without AccuRIP - frequent transfer indicates a need for an additional AccuRIP License.



AccuRIP is a Printer DRIVER. Once setup it is not an application that needs to be managed. When your art file is prepared and separated simply choose the AccuRIP to Epson Driver (built during Setup) in the Printer option pop-down menu of the graphics program you are working in (i.e. Illustrator, Photoshop, DRAW). AccuRIP is not a color separation engine. The ability to separate spot colors and cmyk (process) are features of your graphics program. If you are not comfortable with color separating files you should review your graphics program manuals, read our 24/7 Answer Center Articles, and view our videos for insight. Freehand offers payable instructions on graphics programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and DRAW and your Reseller will also be a source for education.

In the newest versions the AccuRIP Job Queue displays a Blue Arrow to indicate a free update is available. It is suggested to take any update.



Technical support is very well managed at Freehand Graphics. Use the online System so your request for help is sent directly to our tech team. First response (typically via email) with follow-ups by phone, email or VNC Remote Support depending upon the particular issue. The technicians will guide the process. Most issues are very, very easy resolves and a quick tech note is all the user needs. Written information provided initially is ALWAYS better than a phone call for the reason of comprehension and accuracy and the ability for the user to refer back to it. Step-by-step computer instructions demand accuracy. Remote tech support is available when the technicians determine it will speed the resolve for the end-user. Enjoy the 24/7 Answer Center - it contains much more than just technical data. This information was compiled by the best minds in the industry, artists, and engineers.

Technical support does not include lessons on the use of graphics programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, DRAW, etc. Users with operating system issues and errors will need to address these issues first before requesting support on AccuRIP. A technician will be able to advise you if your issue is related to your OS, administration rights and privileges, or your graphics program. Our staff technicians are veterans of the industry and well equipped to advise and assist.

Support is provided for new users for a limited time period, check your sales purchase documentation for details.



When you have a technical issue or an issue printing through AccuRIP DO NOT deinstall and reinstall the software. The connection path between AccuRIP and the Epson is simple to make, but needs to be properly setup. Using the latest version, rebuilding your AccuRIP to Epson Driver and restarting (rebooting) your computer will be the fix for most users. It is suggested that you also utilize the 24/7 Answer Center and Videos for assistance. It is the very same Answer Center our technicians use to assist you.

AccuRIP has been the source for file output to Epson Inkjets since 2005 and is a solid, stable, well engineered software. Trust that AccuRIP will be a reliable tool in your art and pre-press department. The staff at Freehand Graphics are behind you 100%. Enjoy prompt and courteous support - we ask that you greet our staff in a courteous manner as well.



The quality of the output results rely on the quality of the film and ink used during output. Use waterproof film (the coating allows the ink to adhere and dry) that is manufactured for dye when using dye ink or pigment film for pigment ink users. Freehand's DarkStar Dye Ink Film is the same media used by Freehand to develop and test AccuRIP Software and will deliver the highest density (d-max) for making screen-print films for exposure. Freehand's All Black Ink System is a dye-based solution, for example, and is recommended for all users. The RIP will deliver sharp and accurate results. Make sure you allow for the best results by using quality consumables that match.


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