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ACC-7777 • Delete Shared Print Driver with @ Symbol


I can't remove a shared print driver that has an @ symbol in the name. This is NOT an AccuRIP issue, it is a Windows to Apple software issue.



The new Bonjour print service installer offered by Apple may expose a Windows print driver bug.

When sharing a Mac print driver to a windows computer it may receive an (@) symbol in the print driver name. If this happens it can be very difficult to remove using standard Windows methods and the driver may interfere with other print operations.

To remove the print driver from your Windows system do this:

1. Open any program and go to it's print Window.

2. Choose the print driver

3. Right click and "remove/delete" the print driver from within this Window.

Very strange, I agree, but bug fixes usually are. Maybe Apple and Windows will get on the same page with this someday.

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