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ABI-2009 • All Black Ink Chip Resetter


When do I use a Chip Resetter?


All modern inkjet cartridges are controlled by computer chips. These chips can from time to time become unreadable due to a number of reasons such as an electric power surge, blackout or static electricity.

The Epson printer will not operate when one cartridge is not ready. It's for these reasons that having a chip resetter "on hand" is so valuable to eliminate downtime.

When your Cartridge fails to set (be read by the Epson) simply attach the sanctioned resetter (pins to chip). Look for the indication that the chip has been reset (either a light goes from red to green, or there is a change in the speed of the blinking light (depends on model and type of resetter). 

Wide Format Inkjets: The resetter blinks a single RED light. Short fast blinks in series means a failure while slow steady blinks means success. Click the button while not attached to a cartridge chip to see what a failure looks like.


The purpose of the Resetter is NOT to fool the printer that there is ink remaining in an empty cartridge (printer low ink light comes on). Running a printer with an empty cartridge can damage the print head.

Freehand sells resetters for the cartridge types "we manufacture" and are sold under the All Black Ink or BlackMax brands. Not all resetters work with all chips so be wary of cheaper online offers. Our resetters are NOT engineered to work with Epson cartridges. Improper use of a resetter can create issues and downtime.

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