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ACC-0009B • Graphics Software Compatibility


Which graphics programs are compatible with AccuRIP Software ? 

As a PostScript Interpreter AccuRIP will work with all PostScript Language Graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, Corel DRAW and Painter, Quark XPress, Canvas, Flexi and more.

The key to your success is working with the newer versions of the graphics software. Why? Versions are updated by software manufacturers for very good reasons such as their compatibility with modern Operating Systems, the addition of tools and features, and fixes to the program. For example, Corel DRAW X6 was only on the market for a short time when Corel released X7 - correcting issues that affect file output and handling.

Be current with your versions of these critical programs. The upgrade costs are small in comparison with the costs associated with downtime due to version related problems and inefficiency.

To determine if your version is old you should check the web sites of Adobe and Corel, for example. Users are still working versions that are a decade old and are missing out on the productivity and features of the latest releases and very possibly costing their business big money.



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