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ABI-2003 • All Black Ink Draining and Use


I don't know if I am using too much ink or using the All Black Ink System correctly.


The All Black Ink system is designed to drain ink tanks fairly evenly as long as the user has configured AccuRIP properly turning on "all the ink tanks simultaneously". Epson has some hardware conditions that can create minor variations in levels. This is normal.

Older model large format printers (4880 and higher) do not display the ink levels like the desktop style printers (1400 through the 3880). When the low ink light appears on the front of the printer all ink tanks will be evenly low and it's best to get new ink fast.

The exception to the rule is the 1400/1430 that has a split head and uses its 6 inks tanks in two sets of three. Even with this Epson procedure the system drains very, very close to even. No one tank will ever drain early unless the user has not configured the RIP properly, or is not using the AccuRIP driver (for example, the Epson driver is selected).

Uneven draining can occur when a user's hardware is clogged or clogging. Periodically perform a "Pattern Nozzle Check" to verify there are no clogs. If so, perform maintenance.

Black Pearl users:

From the File menu or Quick Menu choose Edit configuration, check the MultiBlack feature.

Version 1.03 and earlier users:

Go to the FILE MENU>SETUP. The first tab has a check box for "Multi-black".

 Check it and all slots for that model will appear and be checked indicating that ink will be pulled from each slot during film output. 

There are a few brands that are not sanctioned by Freehand so beware. Use genuine All Black Ink or Blackmax brands only. For a listed of authorized All Black Ink resellers go to:

You have the flexibility to turn some on or off in unique situations (i.e. you are concerned your cartridge with the lowest amount of ink will drain before your replacement ink arrives). Turn it off in multi-black but remember that Epson takes a little ink when you turn on and off the printer, do a pattern nozzle check, power clean and other maintenance options. Be sure to read your Epson manual for best use practices. 

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