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COR-3020 • Corel X5 Custom Pages, Rotates Unexpectedly


When using Corel X5 with custom page sizes, Corel sometimes unexpectedly rotates the prints. This bug was discovered during beta testing of X5 and reported to Corel.


It seems that when the custom pages are less than half the width of the media selected to print on, Corel may decide to rotate the images 90 degrees. Annoying. Adobe has an "auto rotate" feature than can be turned off. Have not yet discovered such a feature in Corel.

This is issue is not just isolated to AccuRIP, it's a Corel print issue (one of very few with X5, overall X5 is a good release).

When page sizes are squared (equal width and height) this is not an issue, but when the dimensions are not squared it may cause the user to dispense more film than expected. Not something that can be correct by anyone other than Corel. Look for updates to fix this issue.

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