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EPS-5000 • Is the issue hardware or software related?

As users you are not trained to determine how to troubleshoot all problems but you can become more skilled at getting answers and save time.


Technician's Top Tips:

1. Don't make assumptions.

When you assume it is either a hardware or a software issue then you may never find a resolve on your own. Not everything is as it appears. So be open minded to the possibilities.

2. Don't reinstall or deinstall software.

This will rarely be your answer. Software installations are extremely dependable. Make sure you have the latest version of the software because user problems are often traced to outdated versions. For example, a Windows 7 user that installs software developed prior to the release of Windows 7 will not be successful.

Simply download the latest software installer, run the installer, and UPDATE. A great many resolves come from using the latest versions. A technician will always ask you to check your version - so you may as well do what the pros do!

3. Stay calm, stay focused. There is probably a simple reason for your issue and therefore a quick resolve. This 24/7 Answer Center is a perfect place to begin your research.

4. Take a look at the hardware. Do you have any error or message lights indicating you are out of ink, have a media jam, or a problem cable or connection.

USB is a low power data transfer technology. Never use a cable that is more than 6 feet long or pieced together with connections/hubs. Sometimes your data will transfer properly and sometimes it will not.

Go back into your AccuRIP Software Setup and make sure you have the proper connection. When using USB printers connected with a USB cable your connection would be via USB Local. Windows users have the opportunity to locate the exact port (Show All Ports).  Users can create their own problems by assuming the connection should be Network because they are on a Network (LAN).  Only users that are actually connecting using IP addressing should connect via Network. 

Connections and port assignment changes are user errors and easily fixed.

5. Assuming your connections are proper because you can print from the Epson driver is an incorrect assumption. An Epson driver and the AccuRIP driver are performing different functions and without getting into a long technical explanation, the best resolve is to check the AccuRIP Setup connection.

6. Epson Inkjets will not work when any cartridge is out of ink. Although AccuRIP can turn off and on cartridges, the Epson hardware was engineered to stop working when ink is out. There is no work around. Replace your ink. 

7. When you get an Error Message ON-SCREEN then it is providing valuable information to you. AccuRIP is programmed to report AccuRIP Errors. Search the 24/7 Answer Center. If an Error appears that is not located in the 24/7 Answer Center then Search Google, for example, you may have an Operating System issue.

AccuRIP and other software use the services of your Operating System. If AccuRIP can not perform it can very well be related to your Operating System with Rights and Privilege problems, for example. They must be resolved first. An AccuRIP technician can inform you if the error you are receiving is in fact NOT an AccuRIP Error or issue.

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