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ACC-0193 • Setting Up AccuRIP WiFi Connection


Setting up AccuRIP to use a WiFi connection with your Artisan 1430 or Stylus Pro 1500W (or any supported WiFi printer) is very simple with AccuRIP Black Pearl.

Sometimes routers issue new WiFi IP numbers which can suddenly cause printing to fail, creating user frustration and confusion. AccuRIP Black Pearl eliminates all of those issues and concerns. 

Step One (Epson Setup): 

Setup your Epson printer for a WiFi connection (use Epson's support materials or contact Epson directly).

Once your Epson printer is properly working with a WiFi connection over your Network, AccuRIP Black Pearl version will auto detect that connection.

One of the strongest and most valuable features of AccuRIP Black Pearl. 

Step Two (AccuRIP):

Within AccuRIP Black Pearl (from the File Menu or Quick Menu), select Run Configuration Wizard (step-by-step setup), or choose Edit Configuration (manual setup). Select the printer you wish to use. Done. Need more info, review the User Guide. This ends the setup instructions for Black Pearl.

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Have questions, submit a ticket to Live Agent Support. Support for Black Pearl users is FREE.


NOTE: Free Live Agent Support for versions prior to Black Pearl expired in 2015. Previous version are End of Life (EOL).

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