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ACC-4902 • AccuRIP Replacing same USB printer (Mac)



Black Pearl users:

First verify that the Epson printer driver can print to your new printer.

Open Black Pearl, from the File menu or quick menu choose edit configuration. Choose the printer and click OK. 


AccuRIP Version 1.03 or earlier:

When I replaced my USB printer (such as the Epson 1400 or 1430) on my Mac AccuRIP stopped printing properly.

Macs are very automatic when setting up printers, it's part of why we love them. There is a downside as well, sometimes software drivers get crossed up when the hardware is the same make and model as the previous printer.

What to do:

1. Unplug the USB printer cable from the computer.

2. Open the Apple System Preferences and go to Print & Fax.

3. Delete all previous Epson and AccuRIP drivers.

4. Plug in the USB print cable (the Mac should add back the Epson driver).

5. Open AccuRIP and from the File Menu choose SETUP. Make all the proper selections for your printer (probably still set properly). Pay special attention to the connection type. Local is proper for USB printers and it should display USB.

6. Click OK, AccuRIP will build a new print driver.

7. Print.

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