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ACC-0202 • AccuRIP Install and Driver Errors


Most Install errors have been resolved by the current AccuRIP version. Verify you are working with a current version AccuRIP Black Pearl. Previous versions are 1.03 and earlier require an upgrade.

Purchase an UPGRADE to Black Pearl, and/or review the information provided below for Mac and Windows resolves.


Mac users can sometimes see an error when you do not have the proper Administrative Rights to add software. You need to switch to a login space with proper Admin Rights and Privileges. Apple resolves most of these issues within the newest OS releases. Stay up to date.

***It is highly advised to run the AccuRIP installer again. The installer tells the OS to allow the addition of drivers. 



Resolved Windows install and driver building errors:

Windows Error code 5 and Error code 2 windows .dll error or error 216, this can be related to the Windows UAC (User Account Control) feature that blocked the building of the AccuRIP print drivers. Usually seen at the point of trying to add the driver or complete the install wizard.


1. Adding an AccuRIP print driver manually.

2. From the Start Menu/Control Panel/Printer Setup choose “Add Printer.” Choose Local Printer.

3. When asked to choose a PORT choose “AccuRIP Port (Standard TCP/IP Port)”. YES, it is TCP!!

4. When asked for a driver choose “have disk.” When asked to select the disk choose “Browse.”

5. Navigate to the program at the default location C:Drive/Programs Files x86/Fawkes Engineering/

6. AccuRIP (installer default location) or at your custom installed location. Within the AccuRIP folder locate and select the file called “accurip.inf”. Choose OPEN.

7. Once back to the “Browse Window” - Click OK.

8. Select the proper printer or printer "series" from a list of printers and complete the setup process by clicking Next. When asked to print a test page DO NOT PRINT!

9. If prompted for Windows certification of driver choose “Install anyway.” MOST IMPORTANT STEP!! 

10. Open AccuRIP, complete the Setup Wizard.

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