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ACC-0205 • AccuRIP Mac Firewall message


Message: "Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections".

This is the Apple OS Firewall asking for settings.


Go to the Apple System Preferences, click on the Security & Privacy preferences and choose Firewall. Here you can set permissions. Ripcore usually can work well both accepting incoming connections and not allowing (Blocking) incoming connections.

AccuRIP's ripcore doesn't access the internet daily, so it should not matter if you turn it off (block). AccuRIP is a TCP/IP based language software which is why the OS asked this question.

Did you know that most routers have their own firewall that is protected by password and controls all your incoming and outgoing network connections? No need to have two firewalls. Apple and Windows both supply a firewall preference "in case" you do not have a router protecting you. You may decide to turn off the Apple firewall entirely to prevent future pop up windows and the need to custom configure other software.

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