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ACC-0214 • AccuRIP and USB hubs and long USB cables


Can I use AccuRIP with a hub?


External Hubs for multiple USB devices are generally not a good idea. The signal can fade or drop and that causes a print error.

Internal USB cards are OK, they are powered directly by the computer.
There two kinds of hubs, powered and passive (non powered). If needed a powered hub is your best choice.

If you have a hub and a files still start to print then suddenly stop, the printer may continue to blink like it's receiving data but nothing prints, it is not actually feasible because printing does not recover from data loss well. If there is a break in the print data stream it's usually a fatal error.

Do not use USB cables longer than 6 feet and when possible have them connected directly to the computer.

Mac users can look under the Apple Menu and choose About this Mac then "more info". Under the Hardware list see USB and the printer needs to be listed as a high speed 2.0 USB printer. Otherwise, AccuRIP will not see the device.

Mac users can also check in the AccuRIP setup for connection, if it does not display USB then there is a connection issue.


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