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ACC-0215 • Reset Mac Print System

When a Mac computer repeats print jobs, fails to print any job or just in general does very unexpected weird things, it’s time to “reset the Mac Print System”. Apple built in this feature for a good reason, sometimes the print “traffic cop” loses his mind and no longer manages print files properly.


  1. Let's first have you reset the Mac OS print system. Very easy to do. This will clear all previous printer drivers and reset the Unix CUPS system (Common Unix Print Services). The steps are the same for Mountain Lion and higher OS versions.


Right click any printer in the Mac System Preferences/Printers. Choose Reset Print System.


  1. Restart the computer and printer.

  2. If the Genuine Epson print driver has not already been added back to the System Preferences/ Printers, do that now. Test print the Epson driver.

  3. Open AccuRIP, from the File menu choose Edit Configuration, choose all the right settings for your printer then click OK to build a new AccuRIP print driver.

  4. From the File menu choose Test Print. Once successful print a file.

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