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ACC-0005 • AccuRIP is Licensed (can it be resold?)


Thinking about buying/selling used (pre-owned) software?


AccuRIP and Spot Process Separation Studio are sold ONLY through Authorized Resellers or the Manufacturer (Freehand Graphics, Inc.). Do not purchase software from an end-user. If you do, you assume all risks associated with the event and will not be supported by Freehand Graphics.

Software is LICENSED to the original Licensee (purchasing company) with specific end-user guidelines of use and protections for the original Licensee.


THE LANGUAGE of the End-User License Agreement (EULA):

AccuRIP and Spot Process Separation Studio are LICENSED to YOU (the original Licensee/purchasing company) and NOT sold to you. No transfer of ownership is permitted with the License. You will not rent, lease, sell, sub-license, assign or transfer your rights in the software, or authorize any portion of the software to be copied onto another individual or legal entity's computer. Selling computer hardware does not constitute any usage rights of AccuRIP and/or Spot Process Separation Software previously installed.

All SOFTWARE and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY surrounding the Software is owned by the manufacturer and engineer(s). AccuRIP and Spot Process Separation Studio are owned by Freehand Graphics, Inc./Fawkes Engineering, LLC.

Any protection of Usage Rights are held exclusively for Freehand Graphics, Inc. and Fawkes Engineering, LLC.

Users can own hardware (computers, keyboards, screens, smart phones, etc.). Operating Systems or Software are NOT owned by an end-user, they are Licensed for Use in accordance with each Software program's EULA.

For a copy of the EULA visit: 


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