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ACC-0102 • Proper Routers for WiFi Printing


This Article is about using the proper router to make WiFi printing much more reliable and easier to setup. User of the latest version of AccuRIP - Black Pearl do NOT need to know IP Addressing. UPGRADE to AccuRIP Black Pearl for the best WiFi user experience.

Things you will need and need to know:

1. A good strong router, N band. Fast reliable and does not suffer from as much interference (cell phones, wireless phones, radio signals, florescent lighting etc.) as these other bands do (A, AB, C and G bands).

2. The newest Epson driver installer for your computer OS. It is advised to go directly to the Epson website and download the latest driver installer. Follow the Epson Wifi setup instructions to get your router and printer connected using the Epson driver.

Print a TEST page. These instructions can also be found online or in your printers user guide.


If you have any trouble setting up your Epson printer to print with Wifi, work with Epson support until you have a properly working printer. Once setup, AccuRIP Black Pearl will auto detect the Wifi connection.

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