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ACC-4901 • AccuRIP Mac UPDATE not working


I am running the newest Mac version installer for AccuRIP, but when I open the software and go to the AccuRIP menu and choose ABOUT it shows the old (previous) version and build numbers. I have run the new installer many times, what is happening?


Note: When downloading a new version of AccuRIP and running the installer it's important to not have any previous version .dmg installer file mounted on the desktop. If a previous version is mounted then that is the version that installs.

Drag all .dmg image mounts on the desktop to the trash can to unmount them, then run the installer for the new version.


In addition, Apple has decided to hide icons on the new OS desktop. Don't know why, but here is how you can bring them back.

The reason this is so important is when you are installing or updating software. If the virtual drives from previous installers are still mounted (invisible) and you run a newer updated installer, it will be the older software that is installed. This can drive you crazy if the icons are hidden from you in plain site.

Here's How:

1. From the desktop click the FINDER menu and choose Preferences.

2. Click on General and select the items you wish to see on your desktop.

3. Now, locate the virtual installer drives and trash them all. Now run the newest installer.

Good news is this is not the fault of AccuRIP and not just an issue with AccuRIP, it is an issue with all installers on Macs. Easy to deal with now that you know what is going on.

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