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ACC-0199 • AccuRIP (Networking) multiple computers

I have more than one computer that I need to print separations from to a single printer model.

AccuRIP is a single install license to be hosted by a single computer. The driver called "AccuRIP to Epson..." may be "shared" across a network to multiple computers.

Do not attempt to install AccuRIP to multiple computers, the Serial Number will not allow this, and even if it could it would just create printing confusion on your network and downtime.

AccuRIP can be shared across mixed platforms as well: Windows to Windows, Windows to Mac, and Mac to Mac.

In situations when you have modern operating systems attempting to share with older operating systems such as XP to Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 or when sharing Windows to Mac special driver installers and PPD files have been supplied. Visit USER GUIDES / RESOURCES



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