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ACC-0203 • Advanced Dot Gain feature explained


How do I use the Advanced Dot Gain Feature in AccuRIP Software?

Always print as a "separation" and not as a "composite" from your graphics program. Even if it's a single color black image. The difference in quality is tremendous. Printing as a composite will force the graphics app to add a color profile before the file reaches the RIP reducing the overall quality dramatically.


Understanding Dot Gain control in AccuRIP:

Epson printers experience different levels of dot gain based on model and film styles. Many desktop printers are very accurate and require no attention to this. Large format printer users are more commonly the ones that look to adjust their printers to specific needs. These users are more likely to have the proper equipment needed. To do this the user must have a "transmission densitometer" to read the gain on a printed film. The numbers sent back by the densitometer are added into AccuRIP.

Don't just place numbers in fields on a "best guess" this is a very specific feature that requires sensitive hardware.

Here's how:

1. Open the AccuRIP, from the File menu choose Edit Configuration or SETUP, Next, click Configure Halftone or choose "How would you like this screened" (depending on your version of AccuRIP). Click on "Dot Gain" to expose the controls.

2. Click Print Target. AccuRIP prints a Target FILM to be read by the densitometer. This Target print is always a "virgin" and remains the same before and after curve numbers are added. It's a constant value. Don't keep printing the Target and reading the values expecting them to change.

The changes take place in the prints sent from your graphics program. Download the "Dot Gain Sample File" pdf at Follow the instruction. Take new readings on that prints.

3. Only the zero field can have a value of zero and only the 100 filed can have a value of 100.

4. No two fields can share the same Dot Gain Curve value.

5. When you Click the OK button your numbers are locked in and applied.

6. Save... saves your new numbers to a file that can be loaded using the Load.. button. This is handy when you move, reinstall or make changes to AccuRIP. It's a fast easy way to set everything back to the way you need it. Also handy if you don't own the densitometer used to calibrate "linearize" the printer.

See the AccuRIP user guide for more details.


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