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ACC-0206 • AccuRIP won't open on a Mac Ripcore error


AccuRIP won't open on a Mac.


You see only the AccuRIP Menu in the upper left corner of the screen when AccuRIP is launched (open).


The "database" for the program has been corrupted possibly by a bad postscript file or due to any of a number of reasons.

Open the Hard Drive and finds the Main Library folder.

Follow this path of folders,  Application Support/Fawkes/Ripcore/JobManager

Within the Job Manager folder trash (one at a time) the Hot Folder (which recreates itself), the jobManager.db file and the JobStore1 folder.

Once these files and folders have been put in the trash, restart the computer, open AccuRIP. 

* You can empty the trash only after restarting the computer.

 More detailed instructions can be found by searching article ACC-0200


Mac Unable to Connect to Ripcore Video


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