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ACC-0220 • AccuRIP Migrating Software to a New Computer (Mac)


I have a new computer and transferred all my data from the old computer and now my software does not work.



Apple makes it seem easy and proper to transfer data from one computer to another and to move your files, but NOT applications. Not only will it not technically work, but it's also an illegal breach of the licensing contract. If this worked well it would be the easiest way to steal software. Many applications are smart enough not to allow this to happen.

If you need to move AccuRIP to another computer first properly "Transfer" the activation, so you can use the same serial number to install AccuRIP open your new computer.

Serial Numbers activate designated AccuRIP Software versions. An UPGRADE purchase (which includes a new Serial Number) may be required to perform a move (transfer) of a License, or Activation on a computer. If you need help or have License questions, contact LIVE AGENT Support.

You can TRANSFER a Serial Number within the same version of AccuRIP ONLY. You must have the Installer for the same version on hand (archive copy). Freehand posts ONLY current AccuRIP versions on the downloads page and can not provide old installers.

Transfer Activation Errors and issues for non-current versions will require a purchase UPGRADE.


Transfer Activation Instructions:

Search keyword "transfer" for detailed instructions about transferring. 


**Keywords: Migrate, Time Machine Backup, Restore, Mac Authentication Invalid

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