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ACC-0509 • Transfer Failed Deactivation Limit Exceeded


When I transfer the serial number AccuRIP says the "transfer failed, the serial number has been deactivated too many times. Deactivation limit exceeded".


Moving a serial number many times suggests the need for an additional license. There is a 10% discount for a second license. Contact Freehand or your local reseller.

A serial number is a license to install software to a single computer at a time. Yes, you can move your serial number from time to time as needed but moving it many times is considered suspicious activity in the software industry and the software will lock you out to protect itself.

A serial number is not a dongle, don't look to move it often. Especially a RIP that is meant to work with one printer can certainly stay on one computer so decide the best computer to keep your RIP software on (the host) and leave it there.

Moving it too many times will only result in the software locking you out at the worst time possible.

Once you are locked out you must contact Tech Support and supply your serial number.

If you are locked out and it's the weekend, after hours, or a holiday and you must work, find a computer that has never run an AccuRIP TRIAL and download a fully functional trial.

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