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ADO-1002 • Adobe Illustrator Importing DCS2.eps


Illustrator Importing DCS2.eps


When PLACING (Importing) a DCS2.eps file into Adobe Illustrator you must select the "link" option in the Window. Adobe will warn you if you miss this option. EPS files can not be "embedded" into an Illustrator file they must be "linked".

The PLACE option is located under the File Menu in Illustrator.

A linked file contains all its own data and the program that it is linked to just passes that data through at time of print. This is why it's called an EPS (encapsulated Postscript) because is "encapsulates its own postscript data".

All versions of Adobe Illustrator previous to and including CS3 import DCS2.eps file perfectly giving a full color preview.

Recently Adobe made a critical error in its handling of DCS2 files with versions CS4 and now CS5. The program no longer displays the full color image well, rather it imports each channel individually then builds a preview and that preview is very washed out "on screen". The file seps still print in high quality but the preview is not nice.

Adobe has been informed of this and so far has made no moves to correct the issue. However, all versions of InDesign still import the file properly in every way. We all await Adobe's response to this error and its resolve, until then users of CS4 and CS5 will just have to deal with.

Users working with SPVR and have preview issues with Adobe Illustrator CS5 simply need to double-click the GROUND Color and change its value to WHITE. This is done in Adobe Illustrator and not in SPVR. Knowing that Adobe changed how it imported the layers which altered the preview in the development in Separation Studio all of this is managed through the coding and a user does not have to change the Ground Color so saved files from Separation Studio when placed in Illustrator will no longer suffer from the change made by Adobe with the Black data landing on top of the preview. The preview will still be washed out but the data is correct and the file will print properly. The Separation Studio User Manual explains this Adobe change.

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