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ABI-2007 • All Black Ink Invalid Ink message


My Epson wide format printer shows a message "Invalid Ink".


This message tells you the printer is not reading the computer chip on the cartridge properly.

Click the Pause button. Generally this solves the issue. If not, remove and replace the cartridge(s) to improve the chip contact. Inspect the chip for defects. Clean the gold contacts on the chip using rubbing alcohol or a pencil eraser to remove any oil or grease. Do this CAREFULLY. A heavy handed user can damage the chip.

If none of the above work...

Use a sanctioned chip resetter designed for your ALL BLACK cartridges. Not every brand chip resetter will work properly so use our recommended resetters.

Replace with a different cartridge.

Note: Cartridges are keyed and chipped for particular slots. DO NOT stick any cartridge in a slot it is not designed to fit into. It must be the cartridge designed for the specific slot.

If you are not able to clear the error with the above information, you can insert a new All Black Ink cartridge for that particular slot, or insert an Epson color ink cartridge and turn it off in the AccuRIP Setup Multi-black feature which displays all slots by color name.

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