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ABI-2008 • All Black Ink Installation and a Power Clean


Do I need to perform a power clean when installing All Black Ink Cartridges (Wide Format Printers)?

Users of Epson wide format printers that are switching from color or clear fluid solutions over to the ALL Black Ink system need to do a Power Clean to get the ink into the printer and ready to use (typically just one power clean).

Check that the Maintenance Tray of the printer has enough available space to do this cleaning. 1/4 space is usually enough, but the printer will warn you if there is not enough space.

Remove all old cartridges and install the All Black Ink cartridges. If the printer displays an expected  "Non Genuine" message click the down arrow to read through the disclaimer then click the left arrow to accept or confirm when prompted. The machine will eventually read "please wait" then READY.

This process is different depending on your printer model. Read the user guide for your model printer. Once all the inks are properly loaded and the Nozzle Pattern check prints all nozzles with black ink, you are ready to configure AccuRIP.

Open AccuRIP, from the File menu choose Edit Configuration or Setup, select the "multi-black" option. Make sure all inks (or all the ink slots you wish to use) have a check mark next to it and the ink coverage is set to Standard.

Configure the remaining RIP settings to your needs. Print a few tests.

Now you are ready to print films.

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