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ABI-2010 • Films printing brown or colored not black using All Black Ink


I am printing films and the films are brown(ish) or colored, not black.

You may have turned on the Multiblack option in the AccuRIP SETUP window, but you do not have ALL BLACK Ink cartridges installed in the printer.

If the printer is filled with nothing but black ink supply its not possible for the films to be anything but black. However it is possible for a user to turn on the Multiblack (all black) option in AccuRIP even if they still have colored inks in the printer or in the printers ink lines.

Have a wide fomrat printer that previously had colored inks installed?
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That would result in brown(ish) or colored films printing.


From the File menu choose Edit Configuration or Setup and turn OFF the Multiblack option and AccuRIP will default to the Photo Black, Photo\Matte black ink tank depending on your printer model.

Check only the Black ink tanks you wish to print with if you have more than one black ink installed.

Convert the printer over to ALL BLACK INK and leave the multiblack option ON with all ink tanks checked.

* Inks are displayed by their color name in the multiblack option so users can easily understand what ink tanks they are controlling.

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