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ABI-2012 • Epson Wrong Ink Message When Inserting All Black Ink


My Epson printer is displaying a message on the control panel that says "wrong ink cartridge".



You have inserted a cartridge for a different model printer or the wrong cartridge into a slot. Check the labels on the cartridges.

Check that all cartridges correspond with their matching slot and that you have the proper cartridges for your printer model.

Finally, cartridges have a computer chip on them, it is rare, but the wrong chip could have been installed onto the cartridge. Check all the obvious things first such as proper model and slot. If trouble continues contact your local reseller.


In the mean time to keep printing replace the cartridge or cartridges with your stock Epson cartridge to get the printer into the Ready Mode.

When using the All Black Ink System for AccuRIP user open the AccuRIP SETUP (version 1.03 and earlier), Edit Configuration for Black Pearl users, and in the multi-black option deselect the cartridge(s) so it does not print until it is replaced. Once replaced with proper a working cartridge remember to turn back ON the cartridge(s) in the Multiblack feature. Failure to do this properly will result in uneven cartridge draining.

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