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COR-3017 • Corel Draw Versions with Printing Issues due to Page Size and Setup


Older versions of Corel Draw sometimes struggle with printing files properly mainly issues with page sizes and setup.


Corel by default uses it's own PPD file to set page sizes and dimensions. In cases when that fails to operate properly the user can load the PPD files supplied by AccuRIP.

With the Corel Print window Open and a proper AccuRIP to Epson print driver  selected click the PPD option.

When the explorer window opens locate the Program and Files folder/Fawkes Engineering/AccuRIP and located the proper PPD file for your printer model.

Click OPEN and you are taken right back to the Corel print window. Click the Properties button ad set you page size.

Users of Corel 12 and earlier may need to do this. It is strongly advised to upgrade your version of Corel to X5 as Corel has repaired many printing issues.

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