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COR-3018 • Rasterizing Corel Files


I am having trouble printing a graphics file. Can I rasterize the file in order to get it to print?



In times of an emergency when you have a deadline or no time to find the cause of a Postscript print error in your vector file due to memory overload, font issues, or any of thousands of possible Postscript issues you can rasterize a print file turning it into easier to process pixels rather than vectors. With a resolution set to 300 dpi or higher (300 to 600 max) you will still achieve sharp edges that work well for screen printing. Each program has it own way of handling this conversion. Adobe Illustrator allows you to select each item and using the Rasterize feature located under the Effect menu you can convert to bitmap or grayscale as needed. Corel Draw X3 and X4 allow you to choose "rasterize" in the print window under the Misc tab. I like this option because it does not make you convert the elements "in" the file rather it handles it at time of printing. Corel X5 much like Adobe ask you select the object and from the Bitmap menu convert to bitmap (raster). 

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