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EPS-5008 • Films Stretching or Shrinking - Length not Width

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When I print my films out they don't register from the top to the bottom, left to right they are ok. The films are dimensionally off. (Media feeding problem)

Epson can not know all the media types that are used on their printers so there are no preset options for the film media you may be using. Different thickness o film (mil) travel through the printer at various speeds creating a stretching effect to the image over a long distance.

Some film may be out of registration by as much as 1/16th of an inch top to bottom.

AccuRIP has a feature to correct this stretching effect. Its called "adjust print length" and its located just below the bi-directional in the Edit Configuration or Setup window.

This feature is only available for wide format printer that can suffer from this trouble, the Epson 4000 and higher.

A complete guide with a printable PDF target page is available in your AccuRIP program folder sub folder "APP Notes". Called Film Feed Adjustment in older versions and Film Feed Adjustment in newer versions.

Read all the documentation carefully, follow the directions exactly and you'll correct the issue for your film media type.


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