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EPS-5015 • Performing a Power Clean (Wide Format)

***Always read the Epson printer user guide or contact Epson for tech support with any Epson product or software.***


Power Cleaning Head Clean:
This option is available for wide format printers (some models use a Powerful Clean and the instructions may vary). It can be run from a LFP (Epson Remote Panel) software or from the control panel options on the printer.

Power cleaning clears the ink in the lines from the ink tanks to the print head, make sure you have room in your maintenance tanks before performing a head clean.

A powerful method this is usually performed with changing the entire printer over to a new ink system such as the All Black Ink System (ABS), transporting the printer or in times when an extreme cleaning is needed due to severe head clogging. See your Epson user guide before performing a power cleaning.

Software Power Head Clean:

1. From the software called Remote Panel or LFP, choose "Power Clean".


Power Clean from the Printer Controls:

1. Click the Menu button once to display "Printer Setup".

2. Click the up or down arrow until you see "Maintenance" and click the Menu button to enter into this section.

3. Click the up or down arrow until you see "Power Clean" and click the Menu button to enter into this section.

4. Click the Menu or Enter button start the cleaning process. Takes about 20 minutes to complete. Uses about 1/6th of your maintenance tank.


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