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EPS-5020 • Setting up a 17" Epson printer 4900 and previous models

***Always read the Epson printer user guide or contact Epson for tech support with any Epson product or software.***


My printer displays an error each time I print, wrong page (paper) size or Incorrect Page size error.

Users of models such as the 3800, 3880, 4000, 4800, 4880 and 4900 that have  roll media installed can experience loading issues and error messages such as the wrong page size error and others. These errors are printer based and can be removed by turning off two default settings on the printer itself. These changes do not effect print out in any negative way.

Once turned off the printer will properly take its commands directly from your print program or the RIP. Turn off Paper Size Check, Paper Skew Check settings.

There are few different front panel button controls setups depending on your printer model. Most are similar with a slight difference to locking in a selection. Some use the Menu button while others us an Enter button.


4900 Resolve:

Here are some of the factory default settings not used by a RIP that can interfere with printing or slow production down. Best to turn them off or adjust them.

1. From the Menu choose Printer Setup

2. Located and turn OFF, Pageline, Paper Size Check, Paper Skew Check, Auto Nozzle Check (if using an All Black Ink system). Regular inspection of the Nozzles will take much less time than allowing the printer to randomly perform deep Nozzle checks on its own.

3. Print Nozzle Check. If turning off the "Auto Nozzle Check" consider turin ON the Print Nozzle Check. The small amount of film used at the top of each print to display the printer Nozzle patterns will give you great piece of mind and alert you to any immediate need to clean the printer. Very efficient.


More Options:

1. From the Black Ink change button on the printers control panel, turn off "Auto Clean". As long as you are printing  the Nozzle check on every page and keeping a sharp eye on things that way, turning this feature off will save lots of time and INK.



4880/4800/4000 Resolve:

How to:

1. While the printer is in the "ready" mode click the Menu button twice until the printer display shows "Printer Setup / Platen Gap".

2. Click the "up or down" arrow until you locate PPR (Paper) Size CHK, and Sheet Size (CHK). These are the commands for both paper and film rolls.

3. Click the Menu button to enter each section.

4. Turn "OFF". Click the Menu button to lock in the setting. A star or (asterisk) will appear.

5. Earlier printer models such as the 3800, 3880, 7000 and 9000 series printers use the "enter" button to lock in settings.

6. Click the Pause button to return to the Ready mode.

Epson: Wide Format Video 

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