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EPS-5026 • Epson Ink Levels

***Always read the Epson printer user guide or contact Epson for tech support with any Epson product or software.***


Where are my ink levels or why does my printer not display the actual ink level?


Wide Format printers:
Some Epson wide format printers display ink levels on the from control panel display and others such as desktop printers use the Epson Printer Utility software to report ink levels. Check Status.

Epson reserves the right to display ink levels on its wide format printers for Epson ink only. All 3rd party manufacturers can not show the levels on the printer or in the Utility software however they will function until the Red low ink level light shows on the printer.

Using the ALL BLACK INK SYSTEM is best in this case since all cartridges are sprayed in the printing process. All black sprays as evenly as possible. In some models a specific slot may drain faster as the Epson Firmware dictates this and can not be altered by any software. When the Red low ink light comes on then all the tanks are low or near low. In the case of slots that Epson dictates to spray more - the power of AccuRIP allows the user to turn on/off slots to manually balance.

Desktop printers:
Using the Epson Printer Utility you can check Ink Status for Epson and 3rd party inks. The ALL BLACK INK SYSTEM does display its ink levels using this utility.

Where to find the Epson Utility:

Mac computers store the utility in the Main Application folder. If it is not installed locate and install it from your Epson cd.

Windows computers store the utility in the Epson print driver. Right click the Epson print driver and go to Properties then Preferences. Locate the section called Utility or maintenance.

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