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EPS-5028 • Epson Local USB setup

***Always read the Epson printer user guide or contact Epson for tech support with any Epson product or software.***


Using a printer with a USB connection can be easy to setup but there are also things to be aware of. There can be a price for this ease of use (user/software confusion).

When you attach a USB (universal serial bus) device to a computer it typically connects and functions, well its not magic it's software and software looks for the most probable situation and executes an action to create a result. Usually it all works out perfectly but sometimes it doesn't.

Usually with Windows the operating system may not assign the printer back to its original Virtual USB port and that can create a failed print with your RIP. The RIP understands the "last" assigned USB port it was assigned to and not the new port that windows may have created for the printer. You've seen this before if you have multiple copies of a print driver called copy 1, copy 2 and so on.

How does this happen?

If you keep your USB printer cable connected "directly" to the computer the OS will likely keep it on the same USB port always and that means AccuRIP will always find it. Turning the printer on and off has no effect on this.

If you "unplug" the printer cable Windows may not assign it back to the original printer driver and port assignment, it then creates a new print driver and assigns a new port, at that time AccuRIP stops printing files.


Black Pearl:

Delete all previous printer drivers, reinstall a Genuine Epson driver and test. Open the AccuRIP from the File Menu or Quick Menu choose Edit Configuration. Choose the proper Epson printer and Click OK to build a new driver.

Caution if using a USB hub:

When using a USB printer cable always connect the cable directly to the computer and never a hub (powered or not). Hubs can create communication gaps that are fatal to printing.

It is OK to add an internal USB expansion card and connect to that, but not an external hub. Printing services do not recover well from communication gaps like other devices may.

USB Cabling:

USB is a low power technology that gets its power from the USB port of computers and printers. Because of this all USB printer manufacturers suggest the use of a 6 foot USB cable only. Longer cables and expansion connections will create fatal communication gaps and failed printing. If you need to locate you printer further away use a TCP/IP connection if your printer supports it. If not get a "USB to TCP print server" to convert your USB printer to TCP, then you can locate it far away from the computer.



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