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EPS-5030 • Epson Turning OFF the cutter on a wide format printer

***Always read the Epson printer user guide or contact Epson for tech support for any Epson product or software. ***


I don't want my Epson printer to cut the roll film after a print. I want to manually cut it later.


AccuRIP does not control the cutter on your printer the printer has its own control for that.

What to do:

On the front of your printer there is a button with a picture of a scissor next to it (newer printers may have a menu option for for this, see your Epson printer user guide). Click that button until the icon of the scissor disappears from the printers control panel screen.

Now your printer will print a "cutline" on your film to help you manually cut your films later.

Need to know how to adjust the length of film dispensed by your printer when the cutter is turned on? That too is controlled by the printer and not AccuRIP.

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