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EPS-5032 • Epson print driver prints fine but AccuRIP streaks horizontal


When I print using my Epson print driver the print is fine, but AccuRIP has horizontal streaks.


There are a few reasons for streaking. Horizontal streaking can be the result of a clogged print head nozzle or low grade film that requires an over amount of ink to print well.

Printing from the non postscript Epson print driver is "not" a good way to determine the issue. The Epson driver is less accurate and less capable than your Postscript RIP driver which is the reason you purchased it. It handles things very differently and much more accurately so it can expose a problem with the head that the Epson driver does not show. The Epson driver will print too much ink filling in the issue and not exposing it. That may sound good, but its not. It's very inaccurate and separations are about accuracy. Better to address an issue than avoid it.

Be sure to use a good quality waterproof film that has a proper emulsion layer. Low grade non waterproof films require lots of ink, that result in poor quality films that dry slowly. Learn more - search the knowledge base key word "film". Never use a "non waterproof" film when using a "water-based dye" ink.

Print a Nozzle check and clean the print head if needed. Use the Epson printer utility. See your Epson user guide or search the 24/7 Answer Center using key word search " Epson utility".

Once the head is clean print to "paper". If that works well, print to film, if the problem return get different film.

Learn more search the 24/7 Answer Center key word search "clogged".

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