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EPS-5046 • Epson Wide Format Super Strong Cleaning

***Always read the Epson printer user guide or contact Epson for tech support with any Epson product or software.***


Sometimes an inkjet can take on a very serious clog that normal cleaning and power cleaning will not clear. Before you call an Epson Tech there is another option called SSCL (Super Strong Cleaning). While it can use up to 100ML of ink (or more) and take 3 minutes it's still cheaper than calling an Epson tech. You decide.

Epson recommends that the SSCL mode be used only, "after normal cleanings have failed to resolve nozzle issues".

Warning! Go into the Service Mode at your own risk. Do not push buttons when you have no idea of the operational function. If looking for the SSCL only execute the SSCL.

Super Strong Cleaning (SSCL)

1. Turn off your printer.

2. Turn on your printer and depending on the model hold the "pause/trash" button until you enter the Service Mode.

3. Located the option called SSCL and execute.

Be sure you have ample ink supply and a maintenance tank with enough room to the ink required. About half should be enough. This process forces a lot of ink through the system.

Freehand is not responsible for anything you do to your printer in error. We are just informing you of these extra options available to you. Good luck. 


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