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DON-4007 • Sep Studio Dongles and USB Hubs


I have a USB Hub. Can I attach the Separation Studio dongle to the hub?


Never attach a licensing USB dongle to a USB hub. Hubs report back the information too slowly and the software will not open properly.

Connect a USB dongle directly to your computer or keyboard.

If Separation Studio asks for a serial number rather than detecting your USB dongle that means it is not reporting back to the software fast enough.

Users of the Blue style dongle on Mac and Windows, the Purple Mac only dongle, the Red or the Red and Black SuperPro style dongle on a Mac need no extra drivers, just a proper USB connection to the computer.

Users of the Red or Red and Black SuperPro style dongle on Windows need to have the newest Sentinel SuperPro dongle drivers installed as well as a proper connection. New drivers can be download from SafeNet

Sentinel Drivers



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