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ACC-0702 • Incomplete or faded print


File is Incomplete or Fades at Printout.


If a print is fading (or not printing) the complete image there can be just two reasons for this, with the USB connections the more likely reason.
A RIP WILL NOT fade out an image, so that is a sure sign it's the drivers or printer. A sudden stop of the print can be RIP related, but may also be an incorrect printer driver.

If you have a bulk ink system that has external bottles or bags with hoses the ink may become air bound, stopping the ink from flowing.

Next it can be that you did not setup the Printer on a USB connection using the natural Epson driver. If a 3rd party driver (ESCP-R) Epson Stylus Color Printer was used to communicate with the Epson it can have a number of print issues. 

Once the printer is setup with a proper Epson driver (i.e. Epson Stylus Photo 1430) and a new AccuRIP driver is built the issue is resolved.

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