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ACC-0708 • Ink running off film, puddling, dripping, too wet, or blurry


When I print my films the ink is very wet and stays wet, it never dries. It sometimes runs (drips) off the film.


When printing with dye inks you need to use a proper waterproof film and then print onto the proper print side. Only one side has the emulsion layer that captures and holds the ink allowing it to dry fast and accurately.

Print to the wrong side of the film and you have a mess at all resolutions.

Most film manufacturers have a label in the box telling you the proper side of the film to print on. Others make a mark on the film by clipping one corner showing you the proper way to load the film each time.

Another way to do the proper side is to wet the tip on your finger and touch both sides of the film. The side that is sticky is the emulsion side (print side). Load that side facing the inkjets. 

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