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ACC-0713 • Blends that don't print


Having trouble printing a file. Could it be the gradient / fountain fill / blend?


There are so many settings in a program that users don't know about or stay away from because they never used them or never knew what they do, but they exist for a good reason and they can be helpful. Below is one such valuable option.

Gradients and Blends can sometimes have printing errors, print partially or not at all. As long as the blend feature has existed, Adobe and Corel have had an option to help deal with them, punctuating that not all things created in a graphics app are guaranteed to print the first time.

Both programs keep the option for controlling these blends (fountain fills and gradients) in their print windows.

Corel X5: In the Print window select the Postscript Tab (you must have a postscript print driver selected to see the postscript tab), and select "optimize fountain fills".

Corel X3 through X4: In the Print Window select the "Misc" tab, there you will find a feature to reduce the amount of steps in a fountain blend. Less steps make it easier to process. Since screen printers use low line screens on film and press this number can be reduced from 256 quite a bit without a noticeable difference. Experiment to find what is best for your needs.

Adobe: In the Print window select "graphics" and in that section click ON "Compatible Gradient and Gradient Mesh".

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