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ACC-0610 • Prints test page but not graphic files (Mac)


It's possible on a Mac that a test page will print directly from AccuRIP, but when printing from an application the file never prints. This can sometimes happen after AccuRIP has been moved to a computer that previous shared an AccuRIP printer driver.

Users that have networked computers and "multiple installs of AccuRIP" have a cross over for shared print drivers.

Macs by default share print drivers and perform an auto setup. If you have a shared AccuRIP print driver and on another computer also have an AccuRIP program installed, it tries to build a new print driver for the same printer model. The mac first looks across the network and grabs the "shared" driver before it builds its own local driver.

The result is that in the Mac System Preferences Print & Fax the AccuRIP driver will have under scores (_) between the words.

Example: AccuRIP_Epson_4880


Delete all local AccuRIP print drivers. Turn off all other Macs on the network while you open AccuRIP setup and build a new driver.

If you have old shared AccuRIP drivers on other computers that are not being used, delete them.

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