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ACC-0617 • Troubleshooting fonts


I am having trouble printing a file. Can my font be a problem?


Both Adobe and Corel have ways to help you print a font that is experiencing a postscript error.

Adobe calls it "Create Outlines", Corel calls it "Curves". When you convert a font to outlines or curves you create a simple vector element of it just like it was a simple square or circle in your art file. No longer a font with different properties this usually helps pass the data through the printer.

Both Adobe and Corel have another way to help you get a stubborn font to print. It's called "rasterize", this process converts the vector style art element to a pixel based raster much like Photoshop or PhotoPaint and that can easily pass the data through to print.

In Illustrator you select the font and from the Effect Menu choose "Rasterize". The higher the resolution the better the print. Between 300 dpi and 600 dpi should be sufficient.

Corel users handle this in the Print window. Select the Misc tab and at the bottom of the window choose "Rasterize" and set your resolution. Between 300 dpi and 600 dpi should be sufficient.

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