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ACC-0903 • Ripcore Gateway AususTek Sony computers


Ripcore problems with Gateway, Some Sony and AsusTek computers.


Some computer companies change the C drive to other letters such as "Y" and "T" which causes AccuRIP not to find its proper connections. AccuRIP works properly with a sanctioned Windows OS. Some computer companies also change the OS and therefore Windows "drops all support". Call Microsoft and they would say "that is no longer our software, they changed it".

How to check if your computer has changed its C drive mapping.

Open the Command Prompt

Type (enter) dir /p/a  (type it exactly as it appears with a space after dir).

If you see Documents and Settings pointing to some place other than c:\something\something then you have a bad computer setup (unnatural).

If it displays T:\ or Y:\   This means the computer company changed the C: drive. AccuRIP will not operate on that computer until you wipe it out (reformat) and install a "proper" off the shelf Windows OS.

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