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ACC-0952 • AccuRIP and Chromablast Driver


Files not printing, they pass through AccuRIP then disappear before they pass through the Epson print driver.

Sawgrass the makers of Chromablast inks issue a "modified" Epson printer installer on "their" cd that creates a communication issue. PowerIQ creates port called Power IQ and assigns that to the Epson printer. AccuRIP needs a "natural" Epson driver to work properly.


To prove this you can remove the Epson driver, unplug the printer USB cable and plug it back into your computer, the computer will tell you it can not find Epson software. It should find the software and just build a new Epson driver. If you only installed print drivers from your Chromablast installer cd you never put Epson software on your computer.


Delete the Epson Printer driver. Install the Epson software from your Epson cd or download the installer from the Epson website.

Build a new proper Epson print driver that is assigned an Epson Stylus printer port.

Open AccuRIP and from the File menu choose Edit Configuration or Setup and check your connection settings.

Black Pearl users:

Select the Epson printer model and click OK. Black Pearl automatically sets up connections.

Version 1.03 and earlier users:

Be sure that the Local port is selected and if using Windows choose "show all ports" and select the Epson Stylus USB port.

AccuRIP can now print files properly and so will Chromablast.

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