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ACC-0953 • AccuRIP and Dye Sublimation


Does AccuRIP work with Dye Sublimation?


Since AccuRIP is the only software that communicates with each cartridge slot in any configuration the user wishes, simply turn on the multi-black feature located under the FILE MENU>SETUP window and pick the slot(s) BY NAME (they are not necessarily in slot order) and turn on ONLY those that have BLACK dye or pigment ink that you wish to use when making film positives. AccuRIP is not a color RIP and the driver can not be used for printing dye sublimation.

Dye sublimation and film printing on the same printer is something we are seeing more and more. Does it makes economic sense to do this, use one printer for two purposes.

Lets start by saying if you print both color sublimation and black films each day keeping the printer in motion there are no issues at all, however that is not the reality for many screen printers.

Inkjet technology is great especially when its used often and "clog free". Not using ink tanks on an inkjet leads to clogging and cleaning - a time consuming and expensive maintenance.

Dye sublimation only uses one side of a large format inkjet printer, loading CMYK inks onto one side (or portion of the slots) of the printer leaving the other's idle. That leads to clogging since the user really only needs the dye sublimation inks.

AccuRIP has a unique ability to load a printer with one ink (black) into all the cartridge slots turning the printer into a "dedicated" film imaging device. This is inkjet use at its best. This way you can be sure that "all" nozzles are printing each time a film is produced. Nothing in the inkjet business is better than that. Nothing. This is the best business use of your hardware and in the end economically proper. If you have enough business to make films and color then buy two printers and educate their use so you don't have down time. If you don't have enough business for each technology then decide which is best for you.

Why dual use can create an issue:

Epson printers are designed to only operate when "all" ink tanks are ready. If you have one printer for two purposes and you have an issue with a tank then entire printer is down for both purposes.

If you make lots of film but print color only once in a while then there is a good chance that when you want to print color the head will be clogged. Doing a power clean will not only remove a lot of expensive dye sublimation ink but also drain your black film inks as well.

Anyone that has gotten involved with Direct to Garment printers that do not use them each day will tell you about costly downtime. The promise of inexpensive low runs goes out the window when you find the printer clogged.

* Be smart in business, buy machines for specific purposes and use them often.

The track record of Freehand's ALL BLACK Ink System is outstanding. Possibly far better than any other ink system on the market and we do not suggest you mix us with other solutions. That is the best advise we can give, you are free now to decide.

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