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ADO-1007 • Adobe Illustrator prints slightly off center


When I print from Illustrator my images are slightly off center on the film. Also my stock pre-press marks don't fit on the page.

Adobe and all other vector Illustration and publishing programs can not by default place their "printer marks" such as registration marks, labeling, gradient bars. They must assume that the entire page is filled with graphics so they add the marks outside the print area. This works as long as your media is large enough to handle the extra outside information. Usually it creates a printing issue such as pushing images off center.

All programs have an adjustment for this and an option.

You can create your own "custom" registration marks and center lines using the programs registration color. For more information search "registration marks" in the online 24/7 Answer Center.

  1. Click the feature called "ignore artboards" in the main print window of Adobe CS4 and CS5. Now your stock Adobe marks and bleeds will wrap the artwork bounding box "on the page". There needs to be enough page space around the image to fit the marks or issues will continue.
  2. Previous versions of Adobe Illustrator (CS3 and earlier) keep this feature in the section called Setup of the main print window. Change the setting for Crop Artwork to" from Artwork"  to "Artwork Bounding Box"

Also check that the setting for "Placement" is set to an origin of zero (0) for both X and Y.

For more information search the 24/7 Answer Center key words "Adobe", "stock" or "registration".




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