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ADO-1011 • Photoshop CS5 no longer controls halftone line screens

AccuRIP Black Pearl resolves this issue.

This is NOT a AccuRIP issue. AccuRIP is fully compatible with CS5 and later versions. Adobe has made critical changes to Photoshop, but you can certainly still print from the program, just not as easily.

Users of Photoshop CS5 and later can no longer control line screen angle, shape and size from within the program. Not a big deal for screen-printers that should be using single angle (Flemenco style) for all screens even when printing CMYK and work with AccuRIP. AccuRIP handles this efficiently in the Setup.

Adobe has "removed" this and other key features in part to force users to purchase more software. Adobe wants users to save Photoshop files and print them from InDesign and Illustrator.

AccuRIP controls line screen, angle and shape automatically so a user can still print from Photoshop and get great results. Changes to line screen can be controlled within AccuRIP.


Black Pearl:

From the File menu or Quick Menu choose Edit Configuration, click Configure Halftone. Check the feature called Lock Screens. Set you line screens and angles here to override the applications setting.

Easier, faster, less work for the user and better results.


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