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ADO-1012 • Photoshop Understanding CS5 & CS6 and all its workflow issues and changes

Why am I missing features in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS6?

First understand it has nothing to do with AccuRIP. It's not personal, it's business, big business.

Adobe's new release of Photoshop CS5 and CS6 is intentionally missing key features in an attempt to get more users away from printing from Photoshop and printing from publishing programs again. Years ago most printing was done from a Publishing program such as Quark XPress, Pagemaker, and now InDesign. These programs are built with strong printing engines and speedy workflows. Files print much faster from Publishing programs than from any other program, sometimes hundreds of times faster. You may wish to try it sometime and an Illustration program is a great alternative program to print from and much more mainstream for screen-printers.

Although this is true many people will simply print directly from the program they are working in (Photoshop) since most had the tools to print, however printing is not the same in all programs and even a great editing creative program such as Photoshop is not meant to be a strong print program and now Adobe means to push that point.

Now lets discuss the changes in Photoshop.

The first thing you'll notice is the absence of the "no color management" feature in the color handling section of the print window. An important option for anyone trying to print black and white separations manually created in Channels. That is just about every screen-printer that uses Photoshop.

What this means is that you can no longer print your channel separations while in the RGB mode. You must convert your file to the CMYK or Multichannel Mode first. Now you will be able to choose the selection "separations" in the Color handling section of Photoshops Print window. This is the new equivalent of "No Color Management" under the RGB mode in previous versions.

The next thing is the removal of the transfer function for controlling dot gain. Less used by screen-printers since that can be handled in the RIP, but important to others, for sure.

Finally the removal of the output section to control halftone size and shape. Not terrible for us screen-printers since we print everything in single angle (Flemenco style) anyway, even CMYK, but to others this is devastating. AccuRIP will handle all your needs and do it properly in single angle so you are ok as long as you have an external RIP. People with Laser printers have an issue.

Keep an older version of Photoshop close by or try it Adobe's way, you may love it.

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