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ADO-1014 • Adobe CS4 delivered new valuable Separation Preview


Adobe CS4 Preview update.


With the release of Illustrator CS4 Adobe has finally delivered a valuable "separation preview". For many years Adobe lagged behind Corel which offered a great way to view each color separation prior to printing while Adobe offered only a full color composite in the Print window.

Now you can select from the Window menu "Separation Preview". Click the option called "over print preview" and you can see each individual color separation from within a DCS2.eps file that contains multiple spot color channels.

Easily click and drag on the preview eye icon to turn on and off all colors or option/Alt click any one color to show only that color or all colors.

When previewing a imported (placed) EPS file such as one from Spot Process you can change the spot color value from white to any color you wish in order to see it on screen. Obviously a white channel will not preview well against a white page. Changing the color of the separation does not effect it's black density when printed.

Now you can easily see and control your separations before you send them print.


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