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ADO-1016 • Print Window showing an odd (unexpected) spot or process color


Ever wonder where that odd (stray) spot or process color is coming from in your Adobe Illustrator separation print window?


You checked and doubled checked everything you can and still when you go to the separation window you see a spot or process color available when you believe you did not use it in your design.

Before you scream, look into this... if you have not converted your text to outlines and have a "space" between letters (not kerning but an actual space from the space bar) the space can actually contain colors that are not visual on screen. Take the text tool and highlight your text, if the fill or stroke box has a question mark in it then you have mixed color values in your text.

Remove the space or "convert text to outlines" and the extra color will go away.

* It's only an issue in Adobe products. Corel does not have the same issue. Colors not "visible" in text spacing are not included in the color separation window.

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